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 Statement and Framework
 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement
  As a socially responsible building construction, property development, and services group, Hanison Construction Holdings Limited (HCHL) embraces sustainability as one of our core business values with an aim to create a brighter and greener prospect for the long-term benefits of our stakeholders and the territory of Hong Kong.
  Recognising Hanison as a corporate citizen, we consider it our responsibility to mitigate the environmental impacts of our business, provide a safe and healthy working environment, enhance employee wellbeing and development, manage risks associated with supply chain, engage our stakeholders actively, and contribute to the sustainable development of communities. We are also dedicated to operating our business with integrity and professionalism, delivering quality and reliable services and products, caring our people, and upholding a high level of corporate governance.
  To fulfil our commitments, we strive to adhere to sustainability principles in every aspect of our business from strategic planning, day-to-day management and operations, decision-making and corresponding execution of various kinds. This Policy serves to provide directional guidance for adopting appropriate policies and systems, guidelines and codes, standards, procedures and practices throughout HCHL Group. The management team shall take full responsibility to oversee, facilitate, coordinate, and monitor the effective implementation of this Policy.
 CSR Committee Organisation Chart
  To encourage staff participation and strengthen credibility of the committee, representatives of different departments are appointed to join. The Committee implements the principles of sustainable development into different aspects of our business and to integrate our individual programmes into a strategic plan under the CSR framework with clear objectives and actions.
  We have identified four aspects to engage our stakeholders and developed the CSR framework.
  • People
    Focus on improving the working condition of our staff members, promoting health and safety and providing continuous development and training in order to attract, retain and develop the talent.

  • Environment
    Focus on seizing business opportunities with a minimal impact on the environment.

  • Operational Practices
    Focus on developing and maintaining a set of construction management objectives to achieve fair operating environment.

  • Community
    Focus on making a better living conditions and well-being of people in neighbouring community, Hong Kong, and the world.

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