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 Our Commitments
 Health and Safety
  Safety is our highest priority. Hanison aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment to our staff, subcontractors, community and all our stakeholders. We have been certified to OHSAS 18001 of Occupational Health and Safety Management System since 2008 to imply the standard for all operations practices. Various safety practices such as morning exercise, safety briefing, checking of personal protective equipment, and regular safety audit are adopted in construction sites.
  We select responsible suppliers and subcontractors to cope with our safety policy, with provision of relevant training to workers. Promotion on health and safety is conducted across company, by having health check for frontline workers and anti-smoking campaign at head office and construction sites. Hanison has won safety related awards organised by Occupational Safety and Health Council and other professional organisations.
  Staff is invaluable asset of the company. We believe training and competence of staff are keys to client satisfaction as well as steady growth in business, which is our foundation of success. For the benefit of company and staff development, we provide numerous trainings cover different areas including safety and environmental, technical skill enhancement, personal growth and apprentice scheme.
  To encourage staff work-life-balance, we have soccer team, basketball and bowling practices for staff to join as sports promotion. Corporate staff events such as Annual Dinner, Christmas Party and other recreational activity are held for better working relationship and building harmonious working environment. Communications is vital in successful corporation. We welcome and treasure feedback from staff, therefore a company-wide biennial Employee Experience Survey and biannual Staff Newsletter are conducted. Employee Relations and Communications Committee is established to work for improvement of people management.
  We commit to create a sustainable business and take initiatives to alleviate our impact on environment. Our Environmental Management System had been certified to comply with an international standard of ISO 14001 since 2002. Green initiatives such as waste management, air monitoring, renewable resources power devices installation, and energy saving practices are adopted.
  We implement Energy Management System, which had been certified to comply with ISO 50001 International Standard, in construction sites and head office across all level in operations. Green element is one of our considerations in procurement process. New purchased models are more energy efficient, user-friendly, and better performance in environmental and working level.
  We care about our community as we are part of the community. Hanison encourages staff to contribute in community services and initiates community investment programmes. Apart from financial sponsorship, we identify and partner with non-government organisations and charitable institutions to establish caring programmes which are related to our businesses nature and staff talents. Programmes include helping those underprivileged groups such as elderly, children, youth, new immigrants, minority groups, etc. and also building good neighbourhood relationship for project sites. With the support from Hanison Corporate Volunteer Team and our senior management, Hanison dedicates to build a better world for tomorrow.
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