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Renovation and Maintenance
In addition to construction work, both companies provide services of interior, renovation and maintenance works. The first major project is the renovation of the Discovery Bay Plaza, a composite building including commercial shopping arcade and residential flats. External wall renovation works for another residential project - Midvale (also located in Discovery Bay) carried out in 2001. Our determined effort in providing quality services has earned us with excellent reputation in the industry.
We have renovation works for other similar residences estates such as Coombe Road, Wylie Court, Ventris Place, Estoril Court.
We have competent professional staff to develop our mechanical scaffolding system and utilise tower working platform for our external renovation projects. They are safer and tidy. Our management can supervise and monitor the workmanship and quality more efficiently.
Categories of Works:
  1. Interior
  2. Renovation
  3. Maintenance


Tai Po Tung Cheong Street Leisure Building


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